About Me

Hi I’m Dave and these are my photos. I started to take photography seriously after my 16th Birthday, when I received a Praktica MTL-5 kit as a present. That old clunky camera taught me a lot and I was able to upgrade to my first Nikon a few years later.

My passion is military jets, well anything in military markings – none of those multi coloured sheds with wings that fly over us (though the recent BA retro jets were pretty cool)!

I’ve been using digital SLRs for just over 10 years, learning and experimenting. I’m not brilliant, but I think I’m getting better. I've just gone mirroless as well! It's the future apparently.

I’d originally planned the site as a project for a few other photographers to collaborate on, but time moved on and I’m still here 😉

Hope you enjoy the site.